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  1. moscow2016 says:

    Dear Cathryn
    I am hoping that this message finds you well and busy with appearances and having great success in your writing.

    I am reaching out today with my fingers crossed that we can successfully arrange to have you appear at our Moscow Celebrates 2016 children’s week-end festivities during our Bicentennial this summer. I have been working with the local librarian, Rachel Tremblay to see if we could not pull together a children’s event that the library could support and be involved in. We did some research and found your name under the idea of a StoryWalk. We very much love that idea and would like to incorporate your book, Rainbow Stew (or any other of your books that are applicable to StoryWalks) and an appearance by you, the author at our celebration. Also for the right cost, we would be interested in purchasing 50 copies of whatever book we chose for the StoryWalk to give to the children participating.

    Are you available on Saturday, July 16th at 3 pm, and if so, how do we arrange for an appearance/book signing? Also, how do we go about getting the materials necessary to do a StoryWalk for one of your books, regardless of your availability, as we would still like to do the StoryWalk? Please let us know at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you!

    1. I am so very sorry that, for some reason, I just saw your note for the first time today. I would love to write you privately via email. Please contact me at Cathryn

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