2 thoughts on “Feast for 10

  1. I just bought this book and I’m so excited to use it. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and work with very young children with developmental disabilities in a therapeutic early intervention group. When we do themes (ex. Food) we like to keep one book for the entire month to allow for consistency and increased exposure to language concepts.
    (1) This book is FULL of Core Words (i.e., look, more, in, help) without being overly wordy.
    (2) You get the full food experience – shopping, setting the table, food prep, eating – which allows us to draw out the activities without changing the book.
    (3) Social skills are learned at the dinner table and the dinner scene in the book is a great model for social referencing (shared smiles and joint attention), reciprocity (turn-taking), verbal and nonverbal communication.

    Is Cathryn Falwell secretly a Speech-Language Pathologist because she surely writes like one! I love it.

  2. Thank you, Melissa, for your comment. I am not a speech-language pathologist, but have great respect for those who are! I worked a year at a child development center for special needs children, and met a talented speech therapist there. When I began to make children’s books, it was important to me to make the language — as well as the images–clear and simple. “Feast for 10” was published nearly 25 years ago. I’m very happy that it continues to be helpful!

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