One of these days I’ll do something about this website. Sorry! In the meantime, here’s a Flickr page with some of my illustrations:

Rainbow Stew

Spring is around the corner! Time to plan your garden! Rainbow Stew is a great way to get kids ready to enjoy gardening fun. Here’s a whole bushel of ideas and activities for this book:  

Nesting Quilt

The Nesting Quilt was published by Tilbury House last spring. Many of my books are either nature-based, or about creative kids. For this book, I tried to combine those themes. Maya will soon be a big sister, and she wants to make something special for the new baby. Inspired by nesting birds, and with help from…

New Website

After many years of this hopelessly out-of-date website, I’m trying again. Welcome. And please be patient as I teach myself how to do this! Thanks.