I am an illustrator and author of a couple dozen children’s picture books. I feel very lucky to have this wonderful job. Part of what I love the most about it is having the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for creativity and imagination with children when I visit schools and libraries around the country. In conjunction with programs I present about my books, I often conduct workshops for kids where they can make their own collages, books, and other creative artwork. This blog will hopefully give me a chance to share some ideas with a wider audience. Many aren’t brand new—just a reminder that sometimes the best ideas are simple and easy and allow a child to enjoy the process even more than the product. So—get out your glue sticks, scrap box, recycled materials, and scissors and try some of these ideas with the kids you love. Have fun!

Oh–and let me know what you think. Thanks.
Cathryn Falwell

Nesting Quilt

NQ first copy

The Nesting Quilt was published by Tilbury House last spring. Many of my books are either nature-based, or about creative kids.


For this book, I tried to combine those themes. Maya will soon be a big sister, and she wants to make something special for the new baby. Inspired by nesting birds, and with help from her Nana, she creates the perfect gift.10403298_10206086035609139_3814845726723269469_n

Kirkus Reviews called it “A charming, heartwarming story tailor-made for alleviating anxieties about becoming a big sister.”